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The penalties associated with a DUI in the state of Florida are among the harshest in the nation. Loss of a driver's license, ignition interlock device mandates, jail time and stiff fines are all among the potential consequences individuals charged with drunk driving could face.

However, the severity of penalties often depend on various factors. The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of the arrest, the presence of a minor in the vehicle, or whether another traffic offense occurred in tandem with the charge are all factors courts will utilize to determine penalties for the DUI offense.

Getting an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can offer advocacy and insight is vital.

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At the Law Office of Isadore Hyde, P.A., we have helped individuals facing first, second or subsequent DUI charges for over 20 years.

For many individuals, maintaining driving privileges is essential to getting to and from work or school. Every person arrested for a DUI will face license suspension if they do not request a civil administrative hearing (known as a DHSMV review hearing) to challenge the suspension within 10 calendar days after the arrest.

Our experienced Lake Mary legal team can help. We have handled many hearings for individuals in your same situation. We will review all documentation and procedures involved in your arrest, make sure the arresting officer followed proper protocols and did not violate your constitutional rights.

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